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Why Preschool? The Benefits of Placing Your Child in a Preschool Programme

“Why should I enroll my child in a preschool program?” This is one of the major questions parents have when they call us to enquire about our facilities. Well, there are so many answers to this question that it could take us all day to just go over the basics. However, due to time constraints, we will only go through a few of those. Take a look.

Signs Your Toddler Is Ready For Preschool

Is your toddler ready to begin his education at a preschool? This can be a question in your mind if he is past his 2nd birthday. Just because most preschools accept children who are 2+ in age, it does not automatically imply your kid will also be ready for it at that age. Well, here are a few signs that your kid that indicate he is ready to spend a few hours every day mingling with other kids of his age and learning his first lessons.

Should Your Child Go To Preschool?

Do you need to send your child to a preschool in Khar, Mumbai? This is a question you might have in your mind, if your baby has just crossed his second birthday. Well, long story short, the answer is yes, for quite a few reasons. 
You need to start your child’s education early:

Why Play School Education is a Good Option for Your Child


“Why do I need to put my son into a play school? We never went to one!” - We have heard this so many times from parents visiting our nursery school in Vile Parle that we have lost count. Many parents seem to believe that it is perfectly alright to take a child to nursery school all of a sudden, after their 3rd birthday. They do not realize how this can harm their children in the long run. At the very least, kids often show one or more of the following symptoms:

Tops 5 tips to choosing a safe child care center

You may want to look after your baby all the time, but that may not be possible given the circumstances of the modern world. You might have to leave for work every day and a good child care center in Mumbai is necessary where the authorities are careful about the upkeep of your baby. Leaving your baby under someone’s care is always ridden with risks and you have to be certain about the quality of supervisory staff and the safety features of the child care center.

Benefits of placing your child in a Preschool program

There is increasing evidence in educational and child research that is throwing up results that show that children gain a lot from going to a preschool. In a preschool, a child is exposed to conversations, formal environments, rules and training. The child also gets to know the feel of numbers and letters, shapes and color. The young toddler also gets to understand what socialization is and shares with his or her peers. Such experiences matter in the long run and better equip your child for the things to come later in life. 

5 questions that will help you understand if your child is ready for Preschool

Most preschools or a playschool in Mumbai will take in your child from ages 1.6 and above. But this does not necessarily mean that your child is ready for the experience. Readiness for the preschool means willingness and a readiness to participate in a daily structured training and education program that is undertaken collectively with other children. This step to send your child to a preschool is peppered with risks and requires a thorough understanding of your child and his or her needs.

Fun and Enjoyable preschool activities for children

Movement and fun both should be infused with learning for children at preschools. Most kids get bored easily and it is always important that there are preschool activities in Mumbai that can hold your child’s attention and at the same time make learning more fun and retentive.

How to prepare your child for the 1st day at Playschool


All these days your cuddly little one has been the centre of attraction for you. But now it's time to take a big step ahead. Going to a preschool can be big milestone for your toddler. While preschools offer a number of advantages, it can be a tough to prepare your little one for the 1st day of playschool.

Why is curriculum important in early childhood education?

Early childhood education should be designed such that it helps the learning process in kids. It is a crucial phase of a child’s life that needs to be handled with utmost care. The advantages of a curriculum are that they provide a definite structure and offers a direction that is to be followed in order to reach a specific goal. There are several other reasons why curriculum is of great importance in a child’s early education. Glance through the following to find out what they are: