5 questions that will help you understand if your child is ready for Preschool

Most preschools or a playschool in Mumbai will take in your child from ages 1.6 and above. But this does not necessarily mean that your child is ready for the experience. Readiness for the preschool means willingness and a readiness to participate in a daily structured training and education program that is undertaken collectively with other children. This step to send your child to a preschool is peppered with risks and requires a thorough understanding of your child and his or her needs.

Here are 5 questions that you may ask before you can send your child to a preschool:


  1. Ask your child if he could stay alone for some hours every day. If your child is independent and can conduct his daily chores without help then he is surely in a position to attend preschool. Most preschools will ask you if your child is potty trained and has toilet habits. He should also be aware of washing his hands after taking his food and eat on his own without messing up his clothes.
  2. If your child has not spent any time away from you, then it might be difficult for your child to adjust to an environment where other kids are also present. The child should also be prepared to share all attention with other peers. If your child has been used to undivided parental attention at home, then it becomes difficult for him or her to manage in a collective environment. It makes sense to keep your child at least for some hours every day with a relative or even your help.
  3. Can your child focus on individual activities and focus with undivided attention without disturbing others or even crying? If your child likes living alone and does not cry when left alone on the sofa in the living room in the company of others then he or she may be all the more prepared to gear up for the preschool experience. Solo play is often not too helpful in imbibing feelings of the social and cooperation. If your child can stay moderately preoccupied without any help from you, he or she is then ready for preschool.
  4. Preschools start early in the morning and require a schedule that has to be followed every day for 5 days a week. Can your child wake up early every morning and dress up for preschool or can the child be trained to sleep early and wake up in time for school? If he is ready to keep to a fixed schedule for months to come at an early age then he is ready for the bigger life responsibilities at a later stage in life.
  5. Finally, your child should be physically fit and not frail to attend to group activities, play around and fun acts. A lot of movement and stamina is required for preschool. Your child should be well fed and used to variety of healthy foods to be a fit toddler.