History of Cosmikids

CosmiKids™ INDIA

Ms. Bela Kotwani having taught for more than 22 years in the pre-primary section of one of the leading schools of Mumbai became aware of how the education system had changed dramatically to be focused more on academics instead of life skills. She always has believed that there should be a balance of both academics and life skills.

Her passion for teaching and loving the children she taught found herself thinking of what she could do to change this. After resigning from her school in October 2010 she decided to pursue her lifelong dream of opening her own Pre-School which incorporated her beliefs. Ms. Bela wanted to make a difference to society by reducing the stress that the children along with their parents go through.

Mr. Rakesh Kotwani (Bela’s Brother) in his desire to help Bela achieve her dream realized that in spite of being an entrepreneur for over 20 years there was something amiss in his business. While his business was profitable there was no satisfaction of giving back to society. The idea of a Learning and Enrichment Centre which differentiated in the way we taught children appealed to him. Mr Rakesh believes that this business model has a spiritual goal besides meeting the financial objectives.

Together they decided to explore this further and got in touch with Ms. Judy Julin of Los Angeles, California who shared similar beliefs and had already done enough work on this subject.

A educational pacesetter, author, heart-centered business leader and outspoken child advocate, Judy Julin has changed thousands of lives for the better through her pioneering programs and innovative approach. Judy has raised the bar in the field of education, personal development for children and enrichment programming, building a new paradigm dedicated to educating the hearts and minds of children and families everywhere.

Collaborating with Judy Julin in September 2011 gave birth to “Kidsology Educare Private Limited” embarking on a journey to guide children to experience and demonstrate the transforming power of self-discovery through the uniquely modern CosmiKids™ educational enrichment center in Mumbai.

CosmiKids™ U.S.A

Inspired early-on by the work of Sri Aurobindo and Mirra Alfassa of the Sri Aurobindo International Centre for Education in India, CosmiKids™ founder Judy Julin forged an innovative curriculum path that was part old and new, incorporating self-empowerment principles from Deepak Chopra, Neale Donald Walsch, Don Beck, Barbara Marx Hubbard and her own distinctive perspective on life.

Launched in 2003, CosmiKids™ – a colorful world in which children are free to think and dream and create and explore while gradually coming to understand the special way in which they influence – and are impacted by – the world around them.

It was a match made in heaven when Judy Julin teamed up with Carolyn Kaufman to reinvent the CosmiKids™ curriculum and infuse Carolyn’s futurist philosophies alongside other notable thinkers of today. Enlightening principles borne out of Carolyn’s Free To Be Me kids camps and chapters from her children of today journal became guideposts for the ever-evolving CosmiKids™ experience.

Based on thirty years of study and work in the combined fields of education, enrichment, early childhood learning and personal development, CosmiKids™ U.S.A and their international team of child development pioneers have co-created a unique, multi-sensory educational methodology “Resonant Learning Approach™ “(RLA) to be implemented in a one-of-a-kind, multi-generational neighborhood learning center in 2013 in Los Angeles, CA; a living, research-based laboratory at Hunter School in New Hampshire with the 2012 launch of a center incorporating RLA in Mumbai, India.