Why CosmiKids?

Focused beyond academics towards essential life skills:

At CosmiKids™ we believe there is more to education than the academic skills of reading, writing and arithmetic. Also instead of using traditional teaching methods we use our proprietary teaching methodology “Resonant Learning Approach™ “ which redefines the role of a teacher from a mere possessor of information to a facilitator and a guide for the learner.

We focus on the life skills that are required to survive and thrive in the real world in a loving, heart-centered way … Such as:
• Character, self image and self esteem development
• Emotional intelligence or how to manage your anger, fears, stress, etc…
• Cooperation or how to get along with each other
• The power of our imagination! That what we think about we can make real
• What our intuition is, how it works and how to use it.
• Values, Virtues and Wisdom such as Gratitude, Forgiveness, Honesty, Awareness, Responsibility, Compassion and & much more!

All of these attributes are facilitated and imparted to children through play, self exploration, adventure, crafts, games and having fun!

We do not use traditional teaching methods, memorization or testing with report cards. Instead of a report card we have a Self-Discovery Card which informs the parent on what the child discovered about himself, which character trait he learn and how did your child manage and honor his emotions.

Purpose driven v/s profit driven: Big Difference.

Home Away from Home:

We understand the anxieties of the parents and their children. Our weaning process is gradual, with our teachers that help make your child feel at home

The only Child in our school is yours:

With a healthy student to teacher ratio of 6:1 for playschool and 8:1 for nursery, we ensure that each child is nurtured with a lot of personal care and attention.

Self-Discovery through Play:

Our curriculum is designed to foster creativity and allow your child to learn through play. Enough opportunities is present to allow your child to play indoors and outdoors.

Multi-Sensory Learning Environment:

Our warm, safe, clean and vibrant space beckons your child to explore and be stimulated.