Mission & Philosophy


“To empower children and families to lead successful, happy and effective lives.”

You will see our mission brought to life in many ways at CosmiKids™.

  • Our School: Through the delivery of our research based Resonant Learning Approach™, innovative programs and services children are guided on a path to self-discovery
  • Our Staff: Specially trained by CosmiKids™ International USA in the Resonant Learning Approach™ our Vibe’s (facilitators) are open minded, emotionally fluent, deep listeners, gentle yet empowering communicators with the children and families.
  • Our Students: Within a child centric, safe and warm environment our students are encouraged to explore their potential. Children experience a fresh set of values and internal touchstones to which they can continue to refer throughout their lives keeping them centered and self-aware.
  • Our Community: Fostering genuine relationships impacts the lives of children and people around them in a positive way by creating a ripple effect through families and society.



Our objectives are to enrich children’s minds, bodies and spirits in the following ways:

  • Mind: To provide activities that strengthen mental capacities, imagination, positive thinking and creative problem solving.
  • Body: To provide physical experiences for CosmiKids™ through strengthening the body, building self-esteem, and confidence that links physical body with inner strength.
  • Spirit: To provide enlightening activities that allow participants to uncover and explore their own spiritual nature.

The company’s underlying philosophy is best stated in a quote by Rabindranath Tagore,

“The highest education is that which does not merely give us information but makes our life in harmony with all existence.”

To accomplish this, CosmiKids™ has many programs, each offering your child a creative opportunity to integrate their heads, hearts and bodies for a fulfilling and positive experience that promises a lasting impact.