Fun and Enjoyable preschool activities for children

Movement and fun both should be infused with learning for children at preschools. Most kids get bored easily and it is always important that there are preschool activities in Mumbai that can hold your child’s attention and at the same time make learning more fun and retentive. If you are looking at an activity center in Mumbai that blends in world class techniques in teaching and as well as play routines then look no further than Cosmikids.

However, learning never ceases to amaze children and some of the most amazing methods in which children learn are through activities. Here are 5 most invigorating activities that can simply wow your child under 4:


  1. One of the most fun ways of learning digits is through Number songs. Toddlers love rhymes and that is the most effective way of teaching a child numbers. The fact remains that most kids learn the digits but they do not understand that a two is different from three in terms of the application. Learning rhymes and introducing kids to songs and color may be the way ahead. One of the most useful ways is to introduce the game of colored beads. Colored beads help the child assort them in different colors, shape, and size and then place them in jars.
  2. Gardening is an outdoor activity that will be loved by kids. They love to play in the mud and take turns to sow seeds and feel love for birds and nature. It is incredible if you end the child’s day with gardening. It also stimulates blood flow to the brain and uses hand and body motor movements.
  3. Organizing a play date is the next best thing that can be done while on outdoor activities. Children love to find new play mates. If the toddler finds a new mate at school, the parents can organize a play date for them. This enables the child to develop social skills and also strong social bonds.
  4. The next very important game that can actually help a child’s learning in preschool is “tell me a story”. If you read a story and also dramatize, children get entertained and retain concepts /stories well. Research has shown how storytelling even at the womb enforces the love for books and opens up new frontiers of imagination for toddlers at a later stage.
  5. Another great outdoor activity that can infuse and enhance the understanding of numbers and colors is the “match it right” game. You can use various objects, Lego blocks, books and pencil cases that are of a part of your classroom/home and then ask the child to match them. You can also substitute the color with a number and ask the toddler to collect similar objects of that count.