Should Your Child Go To Preschool?

Do you need to send your child to a preschool in Khar, Mumbai? This is a question you might have in your mind, if your baby has just crossed his second birthday. Well, long story short, the answer is yes, for quite a few reasons. 
You need to start your child’s education early:
The earlier you start teaching your kid the alphabets and numbers, the easier will it be for him to attend nursery school and ace the exams there. Building a strong foundation from an early age can lead to stellar results down the line and a highly productive school life for your child. 
Your child needs to learn how to get along with other kids:
Once you put your child in nursery school, he will have to get along with lots of other kids of his age. Naturally, he will need to learn how to get along with them, make new friends and help others. Spending a few months in a play school can help in developing this team spirit in a structured manner. 
Your kid needs to develop curiosity towards everything:
Curiosity is the base for learning. When your child is in a play school, he gets to learn lessons through storytelling, where he is constantly encouraged to ask questions about the characters and the incidents in those stories. This helps him develop a habit of asking questions when he doesn’t understand something. In the long run, this can make his school life more productive, as he instinctively attempts to get to the bottom of every lesson. 
These are just some of the benefits that a child can gain from a play school. Bottom line - a play school helps your child develop cognitive skills, get along with strangers and learn the basics of languages and numbers. For these benefits alone, you should consider sending him to a preschool in Mumbai.