Signs Your Toddler Is Ready For Preschool

Is your toddler ready to begin his education at a preschool? This can be a question in your mind if he is past his 2nd birthday. Just because most preschools accept children who are 2+ in age, it does not automatically imply your kid will also be ready for it at that age. Well, here are a few signs that your kid that indicate he is ready to spend a few hours every day mingling with other kids of his age and learning his first lessons. If you see these signs, then it is time for you to look for a day care centre in Santacruz, Mumbai.

Can your child eat on his own?

If your child grabs a spoon and fork at mealtimes and has a go at his veggies and cereals on his own, then chances are he is independent enough to do well at a preschool.

Is your child potty-trained?

Well, this one ought to be obvious. If your child cannot tell when it is time to use the toilet, you can’t leave him in the care of others away from home.

Does your child fall asleep without a lullaby?

If your child can go to sleep automatically after you put him in bed, without needing a lullaby from you, then he is probably independent enough to attend a preschool.

Can your child spend time away from you?

Another obvious factor that you need to find out is whether your child is able to spend long hours away from you. This will make things easier when you leave him alone with a caregiver at the preschool.

So, how many of these conditions apply to your child? If even more than 50% of these apply to him and he is past 2 years of age, you should probably consider enrolling him to a nursery playgroup school in Santacruz, Mumbai. That way, his education will begin on time and he will learn how to take care himself as well, which can benefit him throughout his life.