Tops 5 tips to choosing a safe child care center

You may want to look after your baby all the time, but that may not be possible given the circumstances of the modern world. You might have to leave for work every day and a good child care center in Mumbai is necessary where the authorities are careful about the upkeep of your baby. Leaving your baby under someone’s care is always ridden with risks and you have to be certain about the quality of supervisory staff and the safety features of the child care center.
Here are top 5 things to look for in a day care center:
  • Make sure that the child care center has enough adult supervisors for the babies under their supervision. You need to check the caretaker to the baby ratio and whether the child will be kept in sight all the time. Try and find out how the babies are remembered in the center, whether face checks and time to time checks are adequately carried out by the staff.
  • The other most important thing to check is whether the staff in trained to do well at times of pressure. Sound health awareness, safety awareness and first aid training should have been imparted to staff. The child caretakers should follow the best safety rules as per the government guidelines. You should ask for the formal copies of their credentials and talk to the principal of the child care center. Trained professionals who have CPR and a first aid certification is required.
  • There should be rigorous standards of health and safety while maintaining nursery equipment. You should be convinced that the child care center has good quality and clean environment. You can always check for the cleanliness inspection reports from the principal of the day care center.
  • Make sure the child care center has strict illness transmission rules for babies and toddlers. If a child is not well and is carrying a communicable illness, you should not send your baby to that center. There should proper sanitizing and disinfectant policies should be in place for Flu, influenza and other illnesses. It is imperative that you ask for the staff and the caretakers if they have been immunized before they started taking care of the babies. Ensure that the staff wash their hands before touching your baby and also keep toys and facilities all well cleaned. 
  • Food and water borne diseases are very common in babies and toddlers. In India, many children also succumb to treatable illnesses. Most of these diseases occur because of ill hygiene and carelessness in maintaining sanitary conditions. Centers should be careful about distilling the water they provide for their children and also have adequate and clean storage facilities where the mother’s milk, tinned formula and canned milk suitable for babies are kept safely. There should be proper refrigeration of child products and safeguards to prevent baby food contamination. The child care center should also have handy fire extinguishers and also enough safety measures for an external emergency such as fire or even smoke. There should be an emergency phone number in use 24/7.