Why Play School Education is a Good Option for Your Child


“Why do I need to put my son into a play school? We never went to one!” - We have heard this so many times from parents visiting our nursery school in Vile Parle that we have lost count. Many parents seem to believe that it is perfectly alright to take a child to nursery school all of a sudden, after their 3rd birthday. They do not realize how this can harm their children in the long run. At the very least, kids often show one or more of the following symptoms:

  1. Incessant crying
  2. Withdrawal from everyone around
  3. Falling ill repeatedly
  4. Throwing tantrums
  5. Refusing to eat or drink anything

The saddest part is that we have seen parents punish their children to force them into accepting their new routines, whereas all of these symptoms can be avoided if they just enroll their kids at a play school in Mumbai before sending them to a nursery school.

A play school acts as a bridge between a kid’s home and nursery school:

A play school helps a child to understand the basics of alphabets and number systems, learn how to get along with a group of kids of the same age, and work together with others in a structured environment. This can later make it easier for them to go through the nursery school without any major incident, since they already get used to staying away from home for hours at a stretch.

What’s more - the play school sets the foundation of learning, by not only teaching them alphabets and numbers, but also encouraging them to seek knowledge on their own. There are plenty of hands-on activities that students at a play school can indulge in, from gardening to interactive storytelling with puppets. Participating in these tasks with groups of friends inculcates a spirit of teamwork in children, which can help them succeed in school later on.

All in all, a play school in Mumbai can set the foundation of learning for little students, helping them gain education without getting bored or feeling threatened. If you haven’t enrolled your toddler into a play school yet, now’s the perfect time.