Wonderful Experience

Nisha Laungani
Sahaj's Mom

Dear All,

April 2016: Me thinking: Sahaj has to be enrolled for a good playschool. Decent crowd, loving teachers. Where they don’t have issue of me being a single parent and he gets a homely environment where he can start talking, start expressing. Looking here and there for a good school for him. Went to lot of schools carrying him and inquiring in the hot weather in 2016. Worried and puzzled. Inquired 4 schools already and last on my list was Cosmikids International. As soon as I entered I saw a few teachers (smiling faces) and kids (happy and running around) compared to other schools I had been to I could feel positive vibes here. There came Ms. Sangeeta Sonpar and she finally asked Didi to get water and offered Tea/ Coffee (which no school did) and I was genuinely welcomed. Sahaj was already playing with other kids. After knowing the fees and curriculum, I had a last question to clear which was most difficult but I had to face it. Ma’am, I am a single parent is that OK? Her reply is: So what! Relax that doesn’t matter (other schools had asked me for a consent letter from the father) and she made me feel comfortable and it was decided this is what I want for my kid to be a better human he has to be with good people and in a positive environment. When Sahaj started his playschool he started mingling with people, started talking and expressing and would always tell me of his mates and his teacher Ms. Druti Valecha. .” Even on his off he would want to be in school and be with his mates and teachers. Soon after I get a message for Father's day, I was tensed and thought not to attend the event (I'm a single parent). But Ms. Bela Kotwani understood and supported me, while other kids were with their fathers but they (Everyone from school) allowed me and accepted me and my kid with open arms which may be just a little thing but it meant a lot. I also don’t have time to capture the moments of my little one growing and they take care of that monthly in the journal. This all little things do matter for me. Later, I enrolled him in day care I was worried too who will give him mothers love, care and affection. But I had no option and all the teachers and staff dealt with it amazingly. I can say, Druti Teacher and Edna gave that mothers love, affection and care. Edna, Nikita teacher, Ms. Bela Gandhi thought him to be strong and vocal. Ms. Bela Gandhi and Nilima Teacher thought him to be good and be like an elder one in the family. Nilima teacher and Didis would put him to sleep with lullaby. Through the ups and downs we sailed thru and now sahaj can’t miss a day not being in Cosmikids. He would tell me “school jaana hai” when its chutti and keep telling me stories of his stay at day care. Now it’s Sahaj first home.
Words are not enough to thank you all but really heartily Thanks for taking care of Sahaj more than I could have during my absence and making me stress free when I am at work and I know Sahaj is in Cosmikids at his best. Thanks also for being so understanding and patience with me as well and being not only teachers of Sahaj but also giving me guidance to be a good parent. I have found new friends in all of you.
All we take with us is the lovely memories that you all have given me and my son and made it wonderful experience.
I want to thank each one of you for the role you all play in our life:
Ms. Bela Kotwani, Ms. Sangeeta Sonpar, - For being there 24*7 and to solve my concerns and guiding me.
Ms. Bela Gandhi, Ms. Druti Valecha, Reema Teacher, Nikita Teacher, Nilima Teacher, Edna Teacher, Pushpa Didi, Alpeksha Didi, Pratima didi, Mama - for safeguarding my kid, Heena.—giving my son all the love, care and good deeds to be a better person.
Thanks a ton for contributing all the efforts to take care of Sahaj.
I apologize if I missed anyone.


Nisha Laungani
Sahaj Angroola