Nursery play and activities

Age : 2.5 years and up

Duration : 1 year

Session : 2 Hours

Timings : 09:00 A.M to 11:00 A.M & 11:30 A.M to 01:30 P.M

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We at Cosmikids believe that children learn best when they play. Education comes along with their development stages. At every age they develop their language skills, fine motor & gross motor. A lot of importance is given to develop their cognitive skills and logical thinking.

Every child learns at his own pace.  So at Cosmikids we give individualized attention to bring out the best in the child and teach the child the way he wants to learn.

In nursery, we have a monthly curriculum compared to weekly in playgroup as the kids have grown older and their grasping capacity is much more, we go in depth with the topic.

We reinforce the topic with regular recapitulation. We encourage hands on experience, where the children engage themselves in   regular field trips / cooking experience / role play in school.

Besides the monthly topics, the children learn language skills, math skills, readiness skills, science and sensorial.

The child also gets enough time for free play and activities namely:-.
• Clay moulding, block play, peg boards, puzzles, threading etc.
• Scribbling and coloring with chalk on slate, crayon on page.
• Book browsing (Class Library)
• Toys corner
• Outdoor play, sand play, water play
• Variety of creative activities
• Puppet shows