Stations of Discovery (SOD)


Personal Empowerment & Self-Discovery through Play

  • Age : 5 – 9 Years
  • Duration : All Year Round
  • Session : 60 minutes


Overview : A central component of the CosmiKids™ – inspired curriculum is the portable structures known as Stations of Discovery™ (SOD).There are an ever-evolving assortment of these hands-on interactive displays that contain educational tools designed to foster creativity, self-discovery and emotional intelligence through play.

The SOD creates an engaging atmosphere that consists of three integrated and essential elements:

  • Activity – Each station features a simple activity that anyone can do if they choose.
  • Concepts Explored – The underlying theme of the activity is designed to encourage exploration of specific feelings, sensations and self-reflective experiences.
  • Key Discoveries – The child encounters, absorbs and then embraces important aspects of self-discovery that they can use to thrive in a world of pure potential.
Station Of Discovery- Road To Riches

Roads to Riches™

Children are invited to take a small container and fill it with “treasures” chosen from an assortment of objects that might include feathers, stones, jewels, beads, play money, any item they find appealing. Then they are asked to give someone else a piece of their treasure and notice how it makes them feel – both to give away something significant and to receive in kind. They may also choose to draw a map of where they want to go in life. They learn that anything can be a treasure and therefore, abundance is all around them.

Station Of Discovery - Vibration Station

Vibration Station™

Everything in the universe vibrates at a different frequency, which affects each of us in a unique way. Here, children can enter tents filled with different colored lights, listen to music, play with magnets, explore different sensations of touch, sight and smell, all the while taking note of how it makes them feel. This station teaches children to be acutely aware of their physical surroundings, how they react to different energies and how that energy can change from place to place.

Station Of Discovery - Costume Improv

Costume Improv™

The irresistible Costume Improv station is dripping with feather boas, outrageous hats, glittering shawls and other items children can put on. Sometimes they will be asked to pick a topic such as tolerance or forgiveness and put on a play about it. They learn a new way to examine an emotion while reveling in the freedom to fully express themselves.

Station Of Discovery - Beads Of Empowerment

Beads of Empowerment™

Here, children can string necklaces from an array of beads and baubles – the only catch is, they assign a character trait on each bead before it is strung. By using words such as strength, confidence, truth and courage, children can craft a piece of jewelry that becomes a powerful talisman and can actually help them feel empowered. By ascribing meaning to something very simple, children have a change in perspective and realize they can affect their own reality by choosing to feel a certain way.

Station Of Discovery - 'Course I Can!

‘Course I Can!™

This station is a judgment-free environment – like all of the Stations of Discovery™ – in which children can examine both their negative and positive emotions and learn what to do with them. They could be asked to remember a time when they were angry then blow that anger into a colored balloon of their choosing, draw what that anger looks like on the balloon, then let it go. This is how we teach conflict resolution. We can help children tune in to their inner voice in order to find balance when life becomes challenging.