Thank you so very much Cosmikids. The team is absolutely outstanding. Cosmikids provides fun, professional and a caring environment.

Geetika Kukreja
Tanishka's mother

We have known Cosmikids only for a short while now and they have really helped to develop Tanishka's creative side, plus her numeracy and alphabet, she's learnt so much with them. She is so happy in their care.

It was obvious from the outset that the key objective was to make sure that she was happy and well cared for at all times, which as a parent gives you instant peace of mind.  The smile on Tanishka’s face when she goes to Cosmikids says it all!  From a mother's point of view, not only is it lovely to see your child so happy with someone outside of the family home but it's also great to know you have someone to turn to and ask for advice when you need it and Cosmikids certainly has several tips to make life easier!”


Cosmikids staff is loving, caring and very passionate about children. They are extremely patient and children love them. They take time to teach children and have a genuine interest in looking out for the child's well being and seeing them grow and learn. 

Thanks guys, you are brilliant. Tanishka is having a wonderful time. The team is absolutely outstanding. Thank you so very much Cosmikids.


Geetika Kukreja